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Free Meal at Chick-fil-A Today

All you have to do is come dressed as a cow. www.cowappreciationday.com Heck, they even give you a free costume to print out.

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Disneyland Surprise Musical Marriage Proposal

This was about ten times better than my marriage proposal . . .

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Fido Plays With Bambi

Dog with Fawn @ Yahoo! Video

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Jesus Was An Episcopalian (And You Can Be One Too!)

Link and Link A fellow Recovery Baptist friend of mine had a funny line when he saw this book, he said, “The Baptist version would read – Jesus IS a Baptist.”

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Home Movie Reconstructions

On the left are silent home videos (silent super8 film) made in 1974. On the right are recreated videos made 30 years later. Check out examples of a bit more about this project here. The first minute of this video … Continue reading

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Massive Improptu Michael Jackson Public Tributes in Sweden

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The Toaster Project

Thomas Thwaites is buiding a toaster from scratch using raw materials and is blogging about it. TheToasterProject.org Even though this video is a bit long, I was impressed that he was able to smelt iron ore in a microwave. Step … Continue reading

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Tampons Falling From The Sky

A Dutch tampon company dropped a plethora of tampons with parachutes on six different beaches. It kind of reminds me of those “Tampax Was There” commercials. You would see a real perky energetic girl doing something like dancing or cheerleading, … Continue reading

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