The American Patriot’s Bible

THE ONE BIBLE THAT SHOWS HOW ‘A LIGHT FROM ABOVE’ SHAPED OUR NATION. Never has a version of the Bible targeted the spiritual needs of those who love our country more than The American Patriot’s Bible. This extremely unique Bible shows how the history of the United States connects the people and events of the Bible to our lives in a modern world. The story of the United States is wonderfully woven into the teachings of the Bible and includes a beautiful full-color family record section, memorable images from our nation’s history and hundreds of enlightening articles which complement the New King James Version Bible text.


I was looking at the customer reviews, which are quite interesting.  So far it has a ranking of four out of five stars.

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2 Responses to The American Patriot’s Bible

  1. Andy Box says:

    Sounds like a huge stretch to me. It also implies that patriotism is Biblical, which I don't think is true. Our modern concept of a "nation" is manmade, not God-made. I invite the editor of this Bible to read Romans 13 and focus on the passages about obeying the laws of one's country. Maybe I'm crazy, but to me the American Revolution was a direct assault on Britain and contradictory to the Word.

  2. George says:

    I've often thought about this and I think I share your sentiment Andy. I *think* I do. I don't know if I would go as far as to say "patriotism" is Biblical. I don't really like that phrase anyway: "[SOMETHING] is Biblical!" There was something about the concept of a "nation" that seemed important to God. A particular people on a particular piece of land. So I suppose that one might view being a citizen of a good nation a blessing. But then again if you're born a citizen of the DPRK then I suppose you might not think that. Anyway, I'm rambling.

    So, I'm not sure it is as cut and dry as "it's Biblical to obey all the laws of your nation" including but not limited to Ancient Egypt, Babylon, Imperial Britain (cir. 1770), or the DPRK. It seems like there could also be a lot of "Freedom from oppression is Biblical!" You know, the plagues and all.

    Mexico invited a bunch of settlers down to the Texan territory to settle the rough terrain guaranteeing autonomy and religious freedom. Later they took it away… and we all know how great that turned out. Remember The Alamo 🙂

    Overall, I would much rather identify myself as a citizen of Heaven rather than the United States of America. But does anyone other than those crazy 'no driver's license' people know that means? So, I think I'm going to try my best to view the nation I live in as a blessing from God- enough to be patriotic about it- and as a citizen of Heaven- oppose its laws and views when necessary. Maybe that's easier said than done.

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