Really Really Close to a Tornado

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WOW! what a day May 13th was! I just narrowly was able to escape being killed by a tornado which had killed another person moments before making it to my location. This tornado had cause extensive damage in Kirkland, MO as this tracked along the north side of town and then curled around about 5-6miles away from the town towards the SE as it kept dealing what looks to be about high end EF-1 to EF-2 as it crossed just yard from my position, pulling me off the road into the ditch towards it as I frantically tried to back away from the path the core of the circulation was to take across the road right in front of me. Normally I NEVER like to be this close as its very dangerous and I am very lucky to be alive. I honestly thought I was going to die as it bared down on my position. The reason the tornado was able to sneak up on me was because of the heavy rain wrapping around it from the RFD making the tornado impossible to see until it was nearly to late for me.

LISTEN TO THIS MONSTER ROAR!… I have never like the freight train sound…to me this sounds like a loud jet plane and man I honestly have never been more frighten in my life. Luckily my Jeep and myself are 100% a ok and I was also able to keep my streaming cam live while stuck in the outer fringes of the tornadic circulation and derbies field of the tornado.
I also had a nice con/wedge tornado (its hard to tell through the rain) earlier in the day and some awesome structural shots as well as some good b-roll that I will post later in another series of videos from this day

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