Random Lost Thoughts

  • Miles will eventually talk to DeadDaniel.
  • It’s taken me about four years, but I think I just got the significance of Jack’s last name, Shepherd.  I’m still trying to figure out significance of Geeding.
  • I loved that scene of Dr Chang quizzing Hurley.  But here was my favorite exchange of the episode:
    BEN: ”What’s wrong, John? Afraid I’ll stage a coup?”
    JOHN: ”I’m not afraid of anything you can do anymore, Ben.”
    BEN, dripping sarcasm: ”Well, in that case, I’d love to come.”
  • It seemed weird that Richard was working on a ship in a bottle on the beach.  Of course we know it’s related to the Black Rock, but as nomadic as these people are, it doesn’t make sense for him to keep something so fragile . . . unless he’s going to give it to someone.  We’ll see that ship in a bottle wash up in a future episode.  I’m also betting that Richard was part of the crew of that ship.
  • I’m still trying to figure out what Richard meant by when he said he saw the  Losties die back in 1977.  I’m guessing lie or half-truth.
  • Does this picture mean that Ellie was pregnant in this episode?
  • That guy that Locke tied up, Phil, reminds me of that Squeak from the movie BASEketball.  Great comedy btw.  I bet will be getting some Sawyer vengeance after beating his girl.
  • The submarine special effects were weaaaaaaaaaaaak.
  • There’s no reason why Kate would want to change things were Oceanic 815 landed in LA – she would be in jail.
  • The bomb must have gotten their via the “shadow of the statue.”
  • So much for my “the bomb is in the statue” theory.
  • It was nice that Miles got to see the goodness of his daddy.
  • It was a bid weird as Sawyer and Juliet made their way to the sub, I kept expecting something to happen – an ambush or explosion or something.  But I did like Sawyer’s goodbye to the Island.
  • I bet Kate will open her mouth to Sawyer and tell him about the whole “Jack wants to blow up the island with a hydrogen bomb” rant which will cause Sawyer to take a Dharma dude hostage and have the sub turn around.
  • It sure was nice of Locke to show up to camp with dinner.
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  1. Buddy Patton says:

    I thought it odd they submerged to boat before clearing the reef. Also, that was an old style diesel/electric boat and has a limited time it can run submerged. They must run "up top" in order to run the engines and charge the batteries.

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