Random Cowboys Bubble Collapse Thought

Jason Garrett’s hat distracted me.


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3 Responses to Random Cowboys Bubble Collapse Thought

  1. kevin says:

    It is strange isn't it? Do what you want with your clothing- I don't care who am I to say? But, that is exactly like wearing a shirt backwards.

  2. dan says:

    Distracted me too…at a certain age you need to turn your hat around…Jason has reached that age. He's not one of the boys, he's in charge of the offense and he needs to have respect. He's not going to get that by trying to fit in by looking like one of the younger players; he has to separate himself. Just my two cents.

  3. Geeding says:

    I think he normally wears a hat the correct way. Most likely, the hat just got knocked around with all the aftermath. But there's a small chance he and the players were clowning around right before everything happened the the hat stayed that way, but I'm thinking he just got knocked around like that and he didn't even know it happened during the chaos.

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