Coffee Filter Prom Dress

I like this trend of high schoolers being creative with their prom outfits as opposed to spending an insane amount of cash on a dress that will only be worn once for about five hours.

Who would have thought coffee filters could be used for clothing? Aimee Kick, a senior at Francis Howell North High School, knew she wanted to wear a dress that would not only be elegant and fashionable, but one-of-a-kind at her senior prom. Aimee spends a lot of time at coffee shops in her spare time and has become known as the “the girl with a coffee cup,” which was the inspiration for her dress.

Full Article at Francis Howell School District

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2 Responses to Coffee Filter Prom Dress

  1. melissa says:

    My senior prom, there was a girl who's parents were mad that she wasn't going with the guy they wanted her to go with…and actually refused to go with anyone, she wanted to go stag and have fun. She was one of the "popular" crowd, so it was inconceivable. Her parents refused to give her any money to spend on her dress, so she made one out of trash bags and bubble wrap. It was an awesome dress, she looked great, and she got her way – she had a blast!

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