Bag of Randomness


  • Talk about an ironic tattoo.
  • Oh to be young, single, only care about self image and forget about finanical planning again . . . I found two 2005 Maseratis with under 30,000 miles for under $45,000 on sale at a local dealership.  If I got one of those I could probably roll with Vincent Chase.
  • All the local sports radio stations seem to be hyping the Rangers and are upset that they aren’t getting proper national recognition.  I’m sorry, I’ll root root root for the home team, but I know they are the Rangers who have never won a playoff series and more than likely will never win one in my lifetime.
  • I see that the Palm Pre will be available for purchase on June 6 – oh yes, it will be mine.
  • I’ll dare say it, it’s going to be better than an iPhone.
  • Its success will depend on Palm and Sprint’s marketing plan, and nobody markets better than Apple, especially over the past five or so years.
  • I had to got to the doctor because of a case of hives.  Not HIV, but hives.
  • I read that the Hubble will never be touched again.  I bet sometime in the very far future it will be in a museum, either on Earth, space, or the moon.
  • I enjoyed watching Newt Gingrich and Jon Stewart talk on The Daily Show. Both men seemed to have a pretty civil conversation and were real substantive.  I think Newt made some really, really good points regarding Pelosi, but I really didn’t agree with anything else he said.
  • Lady Gaga was on the Dancing With The Stars. The first words out of WifeGeeding’s mouth, “She’s white?!?”
  • I hear only 20% of college graduates are able to find a job.  They might be better off riding out the recession and going straight to grad school.
  • May sweeps brings out the worst in local news.  Last night the teaser story was about doctor offices and germs.  Well, duh.  Sick people, especially sick children, go to the doctor and congregate in a waiting room for somewhat long periods of time – germs are going to happen.  Then you leave to go get medicine and feel better.  Probably one of the dumbest news segments I’ve seen in a while.
  • Speaking of the doctor, I can’t believe how well the shot he gave me helped reduce the swelling of my hives.  That, along with my oral medication made them pretty much gone by the end of the night.
  • A very interesting assignment. Google the place, you’ll be fascinated.
  • I saw this segment on child preachers, well, in particular one child preacher, on Nightline the other night.  ShowBiz or Salvation?
  • Grace
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4 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. warren says:

    Gingrich throws around the Socialism word a little too freely.

  2. kim says:

    Palm Pre? is that pronounced pree or pray? It will probably be a very nice phone, (I like me some keyboard) but I find Sprint's coverage to be lacking. Plus, the App Store FTW. Also, I think the iPhone appeals to the young'ns. And they're the ones with all the disposable income.
    Sorry about the hives, glad the meds worked!

  3. dan says:

    Saw the last half of the Gingrich interveiw. He is such a slime ball. Gingrich is running for president in 2012 if only someone in the party will call on him. His personal life is a real drawback if anyone wants to get into as it reflects on his value system. This whole bit on Pelosi is merely to draw fire away from more important issues.

  4. mary says:

    If you don't mind, what medicine did you take for the hives? My husband has been bothered with hives since his bypass surgery, and nothing seems to work.

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