Bag of Randomness

  • I friend of mine had to work extra hours and come in on Sunday, unfortunately he was stuck in the elevator for an hour.  At least he had his lunch with him.
  • For longtime DFW viewers of the local news, it appears that Mike Synder is being given a choice of two demotions.  As much as I don’t enjoy watching the guy, I do feel for the guy.  If he accepts the retirement package, at his age, is he still marketable to sell himself to another market?  Or will any pride play in the decision to accept a 50% paycut and to be eliminated from the late night broadcast?
  • I bet he accepts the paycut – he’ll still be making a sizable six-figure salary and will still be in a top market.
  • If that station were smart, they would also look at replacing Jane McGarry.  She is painful to watch.
  • While at lunch yesterday I found out I used the same toilet as our 43 president.
  • There’s a joke in there somewhere.
  • Potato Art
  • Google Street View’s latest weapon
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