Bag of Randomness


  • I wonder how many gallons of ketchup are thrown away every year that comes in those little packets.
  • Friday night WifeGeeding and I actually went to the movies.  Since she read and enjoyed Angels and Demons, she wanted to see how the movie held up to the book.  She thought the book was better than the movie, but isn’t that always the case.  I never read the book, and found the movie entertaining, but nothing great.  There were a couple scenes in which you can tell computer imagery were used, and I found that a bit distracting.
  • Even though we really never go to the movies anymore, when we go, it’s usually the Studio Movie Grill.  I made the mistake of ordering a milkshake.  See, I’m lactose intolerant, but most of the time I can handle ice cream except for Bryers.  Let’s say I missed a good 10 minutes of the film.  And I will never admit if a shart truly happened.
  • It was so great sleeping in on Saturday.  I was awaken by some crazy thunder early that morning, and waking up knowing I didn’t have anywhere to go but back to sleep was grrrrreat.
  • I’ve been craving Whataburger, so I decided to be a gentleman and take WifeGeeding to the “good” Whataburger next to Grapevine Mills.  The one closer to us in a bit of a seedy neighborhood.
  • Later that day I convinced WifeGeeding to go shopping for a new ceiling fan and lighting fixtures.  We came home with a new dishwasher.
  • We’ve been wanting a new dishwasher for some time to go with our other stainless steel appliances, but didn’t want to buy one unless we found a good deal and found one that was actually quiet.  We found a returned GE model at the Home Depot where over $200 was taken off the original price, and our sales-person knocked of an additional ten percent.
  • I jovially pointed out that the last three numbers of the prices ended 6.66 – the sales-person said she totally understood where I was coming from and knocked off another dollar.  Yup, I sure can bargain.
  • You should of seen the look on WifeGeeding’s face when I told her I was going to fit the dishwasher in the back seat of our Altima.  She thought we would just go home and pick up the 4Runner, but I told her that’s too easy, and besides, us men like a challenge.  Sure enough, I got it home in the Altima.
  • Without reading the instructions I was able to remove the old one and install the new one in less than two hours.  Go Geeding!
  • Whenever messing with electricity I go overboard and turn the main power switch to the house off.  I got shocked once way back when, and do whatever I can to prevent that from happening again.
  • SNL was great – I always love me some Celebrity Jeopardy.  And Tom Hanks playing a stupid Tom Hanks was just gravy.  Man, and I thing surprise guests numbered in the double digits.
  • Sunday was the last class of the beginners class WifeGeeding and I have been attending at our new church.  We had a brunch and were each couple/family/person was group with someone I think the church thought would be a good match.  The church paired us with a 23 and 27 year-old newlywed couple that were fairly new to faith and the church.  They seem like really nice people.
  • A lot of Sunday afternoon was spent working on SisterGeeding’s Christmas present.  She’s coming home to visit this Wednesday so I need to finish early and pack it up soon, and when she leaves I can start working on it again.
  • I also watched part of a DVD collection I have over denominational differences.  It turns out the Methodists and Presbyterians are very much alike, and probably the main differences is predestination.  But then again with all denominations, there are moderates and conservatives all around so you can’t just say “they” believe in this.
  • I had a sermon idea that hit me on Sunday, but I’m pretty sure most pastors have probably used it.  In short, I would use the analogy how a GPS device on a car is like the Bible.  We expect both to get us to a specific destination, and you need to know how to use both, and you can’t always follow them word for word.  I could go on, but I think you get the gist.
  • We had to put one of those lap shade cone thingies on OtherDogGeeding because he kept licking a spot on his backside.  He could not stand it.
  • The new Palm Pre should be coming out in June, and I can’t wait.  My old phone is really beat up.
  • I saw a great special on catfish of the Amazon the other night.  I had no idea there were so many species, and how deadly they can be.  One catfish killed a many because it swallowed him whole – it was a very very large catfish.  Another about an inch long swam up a man’s private part and reeked havoc – when removed it was over four inches.  And then there was this one part of the special that talked about how a body was brought to the morgue.  Before the autopsy, it was assumed that the man was shot by a shotgun because of all the small holes, but it turns out a lot of small piranha like catfish bored into his body and ate all his insides.  The body itself was hollow expect for the fish.
  • It took me forever to find out why flags were at half-staff on Friday.
  • I’m surprised Notre Dame would hold graduation ceremonies on a Sunday.
  • I like that Obama didn’t dodge the abortion issue.  I like what he had to say about the abortion issue.  I just think it doesn’t matter what he says, those that oppose him and/or his abortion view are going to stay that way.
  • I feel like such a boring adult since I now listen to NPR and love 60 Minutes.
  • Katie Couric interviewed Defense Secretary Robert Gates, who prefers to think of himself as Secretary of War – I don’t have a problem with that.  He also states he hates his job, and that anyone in his position should hate that job since that person is responsible for lives and the health of troops that go into combat.
  • I was shocked to see that an officer introduce him as Bill Gates.  Geeeesh.
  • During that interview, I was really surprised to learn that U.S. troops actually train the body guards for the Saudi Royal Family.
  • I found it touching that on the day he was sworn in he actually visited Arlington National Cemetery and keeps a total of injured and lives lost since the day he was sworn in.  Stuff like that tells me he wants to keep things in perspective.
  • I was also impressed with the interview of the new head of AIG.  I always wondered why would someone want the job of rescuing AIG for the salary of $1 – and I was glad the question was asked.  His answer . . . he couldn’t turn down service to his country and to do what he can to pay back the American taxpayer.  Whether that answer was genuine or not, I liked it.
  • The worst part of the final Survivor episodes is the walk down memory lane.  We purposely wait for the show to come on a use the power of the DVR to skip that portion.
  • I’m surprised no one really considers that fact that Taj is already a millionaire.
  • It’s always a trip to see what they look like all cleaned up.
  • DogGeeding got his summer cut.
  • Grace
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3 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. Sharon says:

    It will interesting to see if Taj's husband is on in a few seasons.
    Taj and her husband actually do another reality show called "I married a baller." I have only seen a few minutes of it, but is is basically about the life of someone who is married to a footballer player.

  2. Sharon says:

    I also hate the walk down memory lane on survivor.
    It will be interesting to see if Taj's husband does any upcominig seasons (maybe they can have a spouse show.)
    Taj and her husband are actually on another reality show called "I married a baller."

  3. hot_bananas says:

    buy a box or two of Lactaid, and take a few pills with you wherever you go. then, take take one when you're about to eat any dairy. i never leave home without it.

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