Bag of Randomness

Carnegie Hall

  • For some reason I’m a bit infatuated with Lady Gaga.  I really don’t know much about her, but her songs get stuck in my head.  Actually, her and Beyonce are having a girl-fight in my head.
  • In case you didn’t know, she’s not from across the pond.
  • And her stage name comes from a Queen song.
  • Mum mum mum mah . . . .
  • Let me let me let me upgrade . . . .
  • Mum mum mum mah . . . .
  • Let me let me let me upgrade . . . .
  • I was listening to NPR on the drive home trying to get in touch with my intellectual an all, and heard this piece over why we spend coins faster than bills.  It was a very interesting study, and they even mentioned that any sort of stimulus funds were to be sent out to the public, it should be in small amounts as people will spend smaller amounts faster, thus impacting the economy faster.
  • I also started to listen to more sermons from the United Methodist Church of the Resurrection trying to get in touch with my spiritual side an all, and heard a few things on this Reset sermon series regarding the credit collapse that got me to thinking.  The one thing all economists tend to forget in their calculations is human nature and our desire to live outside of our means.  The other thing that got me to thinking was what the government was trying to do to prevent a recession after 9/11 – they tried to free up credit and make home purchasing easier – and people of the lower, middle and upper class bought more than what the needed in terms of housing.
  • The sermon also addressed how Solomon asked for wisdom over riches, became rich because of wisdom, and then wasn’t so wise with his riches.  For instance, the temple he had built for God took seven years to build, but his palace took 13 years to build.  Also, Solomon also had an ivory chair covered with gold – which not only tells you someone was living excessively but the Austin Powers line of a golden toilet popped in my head.
  • Let me let me let me upgrade . . . .
  • Mum mum mum mah . . . .
  • My left shoulder upper arm area has been hurting ling the dickens for about a week.  I don’t know if I slept on it wrong or what, but I can especially feel the pain when I cough or sneeze.  I have also been having dizzy spells the last two or three days.  I’m not sure if those symptoms are related, but then again I’ve probably been watching too much  House.
  • Speaking of House, I hear that 13 is #1 on Maxim’s Hot List.
  • If you are a fan of Saved By The Bell, you might enjoy this parody rap.  The guy in the video does have a pretty cool shirt.
  • I’ve been watching the NASA channel late at night – lots of great homemade video by the astronauts on the space shuttle.
  • I have a feeling we will be seeing Kelly Clarkson on a Jenny Craig or Nutrisystem commerical sometime soon.
  • Methodist bishops take a pay cut.  Link
  • Grace
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  1. sheila Marple says:

    *NPR and COR – good food for the mind and spirit.
    Sausage/cheese loaf – not so good food for the body.

    **I had no idea UM Bishops made $125,658!

    *** In that same UM article, I was amused at the N. Carolina Bishop's name: Larry Goodpaster!

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