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  • I don’t watch The Biggest Loser, but I like how the contestants on the final show break through an old poster of themselves where they were morbidly obese.  Inspiring.  But three friggin’ hours of this show is just ridiculous.
  • Sometimes it’s the little things in life that make me happy, such as when I’m using the weed-eater and the wind starts to blow all the clippings away.
  • My lawn has never been greener or has grown so fast.
  • It would be hard for me to pay someone to mow my lawn.  Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I really don’t want to mow, but I love that sense of accomplishment I get after mowing and seeing how pretty the lawn looks.  Not to mention, it seems like a waste of money for something that I can certainly do myself.
  • The same goes for washing my car, but a $4 is hard to pass up.
  • I do have a neighbor that pays to have his lawn mowed.  He works very long hours, and wants to spend as much time as he can with his toddler son.
  • Beauty pageants are just plain stupid.
  • Having celebrity judges at beauty pageants is also stupid, even if your name is Perez Hilton.  But if I was a judge at a pageant, that would be cool.
  • I applaud Miss California for the way she answered his question.  It was an eloquent and well thought answer that came from her heart.  Feel free to disagree with her stance on the topic, but she answered it well.  But it might have helped if she explained what made her take that stance – that is, her Christian faith.
  • Just imagine if the question asked was on a subject just as divided such as abortion, the use of torture, or should Romo continue to date Jessica – would there be the same kind of coverage?
  • I don’t know what her platform is as Miss California, but I think before she goes on to be a spokesperson for whatever anti-gay-marriage organization she wants to support, she should do it after she passes on the crown and focus on her platform.
  • She states that she’s a Christian and believes she’s being attacked for her faith – that may be partly true, but the whole Miss California organization paying for her breast implants and posing in topless lingerie does seem a bit disingenuous.    I will say that after seeing censored photos of her baring her breasts on and hearing her excuse that it was just the wind blowing, I don’t find her to be a good role model for young ladies.
  • And saying that her failure to disclose those photos upon entering the Miss California pageant was a miscommunication is just as bad as when Bill Clinton questioned the definition of “is.”  But both worked, so maybe they are the smart ones.
  • Donald Trump loves controversy, and that’s why she’s keeping her crown.
  • I also find it a bit weird for Focus on the Family to start supporting people that have basically posed nude.  But then again, they think Bristol Palin is a positive role model.  Dobson states he’s a man of forgiveness and compassion, but I didn’t see that side of him when the 42 president revealed his affair.
  • I have not watched one episode of American Idol this season.
  • I’m looking forward to my favorite shows going away for the summer.
  • Google continues to amaze me.  YouTube
  • How much power does it take for a Google search.
  • I didn’t know that Pizza Hut rakes in more than Domino’s and Papa John’s combined.  Link
  • If you are the least bit offended by elephant mating, then don’t click on this link that shows how a family vacation can go wrong.
  • The North Texas Super Bowl Committee released information yesterday on where related events will take place.  The media is going to rip the event organizers because it’s all too spread out.
  • Rick Astley sings karaoke using his own song.  YouTube
  • Grace
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  1. dan says:

    I’ve never watched The Biggest Loser. Do they ever go back and check on people six months later to see if they’ve kept their weight off?

    I cannot believe how Trump and Miss California have milked her dispute over her crown. Yesterday both CNN and MSNBC interrupted programming for press conferences in which she defended herself and then later when The Donald announced she could keep her crown. If President Obama announced a plan to save Social Security he wouldn’t have got more media attention. The lesson for Trump is that it’s not a successful pageant unless there’s controversy

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