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  • Well, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently stated that the swine-flu is no more dangerous than the regular flu.  What concerns me is that the next time the CDC provides a warning the public will just ignore it since the swine-flu seemed to be a bunch of hype.  It will all probably turn into some kind of Hurricane Katrina event.  The National Weather Service issues warnings for people to take cover, but people don’t take the warning seriously because “all the other hurricanes” weren’t as bad as first reported and it was nothing but media-hype.  Then “the big one” hits (Katrina), fingers get pointed for blame, and then people take warnings very seriously.  So seriously that when the next hurricane comes towards land (Rita), large cities are evacuated (Houston) but then we find that the damage isn’t what was anticipated.
  • All that to say, one day the CDC will issue a warning, no one will take it seriously, and many will die.  Just a thought.
  • I just checked my 401k and it’s up over 18% for the year, but that doesn’t make up for the beating that it took for the last year and half.
  • I usually never provide investment advice, heck, at one point I could get fired for doing so, but I feel pretty confident in recommending a mutual fund specialized in the energy services sector, such as the Fidelity Select Energy Service mutual fund.  Think about it, one of the largest platforms for both parties in last year’s election was energy independence, and now we have a new administration that continues to send a strong message about investing into new and renewable energy.  When I last check, that fund’s rate of return for the year was about 24%.
  • How you bury a Baptist deacon who loved fishing.  Link
  • You know, I feel sorry for Miss USA.  She actually wins the pageant but certainly isn’t getting any attention as all of that is going towards the runner-up, Miss California.
  • I still don’t know what all the fuss is about regarding Miss California’s answer that she doesn’t support gay marriage.  Whether one agrees with that view or not, she answered it eloquently, I thought.
  • But something sure doesn’t seem right, even moral or ethical, about the Miss California Pageant paying for her breast implants before the Miss USA Pageant.  Does stuff like this go on all the time?
  • Miss California has also stated that her Christian faith is being mocked because of the racy modeling photos of her in nothing but panties as a 17-year-old are starting to surface.  Well, Miss Cali, like it or not, it’s all about perception, and a 17-year-old in nothing but pink panties isn’t the most representative perception of a young Christian lady.
  • Just so she can get some attention since no one else is giving it to her, here’s Miss USA, Kristen Dalton from North Carolina – she’s the one on the right.
  • So now Bristol Palin is going to be a spokesperson for the Candies Foundation to help raise awareness for teen pregnancy prevention.  It’s been interesting following this little saga.  When the father of her child started going on talk shows, the Palin camp released a statement that said, “Bristol’s focus will remain on raising Tripp, completing her education, and advocating abstinence,” even though Bristol herself said in a Fox News interview that abstinence is not realistic at all.  It seems a bit contradictory, and that her mother is trying to speak for her.
  • Some may think that Bristol has her own say in the matter since she’s 18 and is considered an adult, but all daughters do their best to please and not disappoint their mothers.  And if you are 18-years-old without a high school education, no other immediate means of making money to care for you and your baby, being thrown in the the national spotlight, and are fully dependent on your parents, well, then you really don’t have a say in things.
  • I’m certainly not against Bristol trying to prevent teen pregnancy.
  • My stitches are in a spot that prevents me from stretching, reaching out, and bending over.
  • It’s been forever since I’ve seen a new Jill Wagner commercial.
  • How to make a Nigerian money scammer go away
  • I’m amazed by OtherDogGeeding’s loyalty.
  • Grace
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  1. dan says:

    The weather warnings lately have become so frequent and sometimes are so extended that they are becoming like white background noise.

    The market will have to average 7% per year for ten years to recover to what the Dow was at its peak of 14,000.

    The USA Pageant is becoming so dated that the only interest in it comes about when there is controversy. My understanding was that the fuss was not that Miss California was against gay marriage but that one of the judges voted against her because of her position. It was a loaded question that didn’t belong in the pageant.

    I’m worried that the Bristol saga is being used to keep the Palin name in the news until the 2012 campaign gets rolling.

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