Bag of Randomness


  • I decided to eat some humble pie this week and do something I normally would never do and something I would make fun of my guy friends for doing. . . go to a baby shower.  Let’s just say the pie was a very nutritious and filling.
  • The baby shower was actually a couples baby shower; my childhood friend, actually my very first friend, Matt, is about to become a father in less than two weeks.  And just to provide you with a little background so you will understand some other random thoughts, he’s black but has red hair.  I’m half-Asian and had a reddish tint to my hair – so that’s one thing we had in common, and we also were in the same grade.  We grew up just one street apart from each other, so we always saw each other, especially each others parents driving up and down the road waving as they drove by.  Matt and I were very lucky to live all all our lives not having to move like so many of our friends.  We both take a lot of pride knowing we grew up in the same house and have always been part of the same community, walking to and from school together, trick or treating, and everything else in between.  There have been times when I walked over to his house to play, and it was only his father at home, who would invite me in and we would just watch TV or we would talk as he worked on his cars.  I remember attending his sister’s wedding with my parents, and I remember his folks coming to both my parents funerals and his sister attending my wedding.  Heck, I remember even attending their church, an AME church, and being called out during the middle of the service to introduce myself as a visitor.  Good times.   You see, our relationship has a lot of substance.
  • So when I got an invitation to go to the town of Stephenville that’s about two hours away somewhat near my old neck of the woods, there wasn’t a doubt I would be there to support my friend.
  • I haven’t been on a roadtrip in a while, and this was medicine to the soul.  There’s something about driving through the rural roads in the part that’s somewhere between north and west Texas and looking at the sprawling landscape, the vegetation, and seeing plenty of cattle, goats, llamas, bison and a few other livestock.   I also saw a lot of families fishing in tanks, which looked very pleasant.  For you city folk, tanks are basically man-made ponds.
  • I did have to drive through Granbury, which ranks very high in my list of cities I just cannot stand.  I would eleborate, but this is already turning into a long post, and I want to keep things positive.
  • Usually when I buy a gift for one of my friends who are about to bring a baby into their family, I buy a pair of Nike baby shoes because most of us remember what it was like getting a pair of our first Nikes.  Well, Matt is like a part owner of an athletic shoe store, and I knew his friends would probably get him the same things.  Sure enough, I think his kid got three pair of Jordans.  I ended up getting the couple a baby bottle wamer.  Nothing fancy, but funtional, and I bet and hope they will think of me in the middle of the night when they are warming up a bottle.
  • On our way to Stephenville a Tesla Roadster zipped right pass us.  I’ve been keeping an eye on this car for quite a while as it’s a pure electric sports car that can go zero to 60 in 3.9 seconds and can travel almost 250 miles on a single charge, all for $109,000.  I was left drooling, it was one sharp looking ride.
  • Some things never change, Matt arrived late, as he does for everything.  We arrived late ourselves, but still beat him.  As we walked in, his family instantly recognized me.  Love was in the air.  It’s funny, but all my memories of his mother was of me looking up to her, and as I talked to her she was now looking up talking to me.  It was a bit bizarre, but in a good way.
  • Matt’s dad doesn’t seem to age, but his hair has changed from black to red, which is interesting.  Four things I’ll always remember about that man:  He doesn’t seem to age, he as a beautiful and graceful Louisiana accent (it’s kinda like Avery Johnson talking), his kindness, and he still drives and maintains the same circa 1977 Ford truck.  That truck always sounds and looks like it’s brand new.
  • Matt has an older sister who was running this event.  As the festivities started, she said without any warning, “Brother Geeding is going to lead up in prayer and bless the food.”  Wow, here I am being called out again from someone I haven’t seen in years and what a blessing.  She could of asked her father or any of the elders to lead us in prayer, but she chose the male part of the only white couple in attendance.
  • When Matt finally got around to introducing me to his lady he told her that we are tight, joined at the hip, inseparable, that we can always pick up from where we left off, and nothing can tear us apart.
  • In a later conversation she said Matt talks about me all the time, and she knew who I was as I entered the door.  That warmed my heart.
  • This part had me laughing pretty hard.  We were playing different baby shower related games, and this one particular one we were asked create as many “common name” as we can out of the baby’s name.  As Matt’s sister explained the game, she said, “And don’t you be making up any of those weird African names that don’t exists, I’ll call you out, we’re looking for COMMON names.”
  • There was a touching moment during the event as I saw Matt and his father talking alone . . . it made me envious.
  • After the event I was helping load up the gifts, and it was a nice surprise that Matt is driving on sweet ride, a Shelby Cobra Mustang.  It looked like this one except his had a blue stripe.
  • As we were about to head out, Matt stated he hoped that we could stop by his house.  I did kind of want to get started back home, but I new this would mean a lot to him and I’m glad I stopped by, and it actually meant a lot to me after the fact.  Turns out he has a brand new home and it’s beautiful, and you can see the pride on his face as he showed us around and how he has made changes to the yard.
  • Most surprising, he and his wife own five vehicles – most of which are pretty darn sweet.
  • Yup, I need a new car.  And when I say need, I guess I just really really really want one.  It’s not like I’m going to die if I don’ get one.
  • The pastor of the church we have been attending sent me a personal email last week.  He mentioned that he was working on sermons on the summer, and planned on going over the new U2 album and would like my thoughts.  Wow, that made my day, and how cool is it for a pastor in his 60’s to listen to U2.
  • As we entered church this morning I looked up and noticed a bunch of doves flying – it was pretty and symbolic.
  • We are attending a new comers class that will last five weeks called “Stepping Stones.”  Yesterday we talked about what it means to be a Christian, and it was interesting comparing that discussion to what was taught to me when I was a young Baptist.
  • The class will end with the pastor having us over for dinner.  I thought that was nice, but then I learned he is actually a gourmet chef, so now I’m really looking forward to it.
  • I like having the pastor actually teach our Sunday School class.  I don’t recall any other pastor doing such a thing as they are normally preparing for service, and it’s a nice way for the new folk to get to know the man.
  • Part of yesterday’s service included my favorite poem, “If” by Rudyard Kipling.  My drama teacher made everyone of her students memorize that for a grade, and I recall as she was inducted into our high school hall of fame she quoted it word for word without notes.
  • A Snow White Macbook
  • Baconhenge
  • That’s a tired OtherDogGeeding up top in case you were wondering, he didn’t find 60 Minutes that fascinating.  He reminds me of a Kinky Friedman quote, “Money may buy you a fine dog, but only love can make it wag its tail.”
  • I think I wasted enough of your time today.
  • Grace
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7 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. Bryan says:

    The bag of randomness is never a waste of time, especially today. Good to have back in the blogging driver's seat.

  2. Melissa says:

    for reasons unexplainable most of the time…your bags of nothing usually bring tears to my eyes.

    not ever a waste of time…except maybe the Lost randoms…which wouldn't be a waste if i watched.

    you are good man.

  3. Sharon says:

    Bag of nothing is always full of something.
    I love reading your bag of randomness. It's like a small escape for me a few minutes of the day. I think of it as a mind vacation and getting away daily is wonderful thing.


  4. dan says:

    Good to have you back on the job!! I could almost smell the bacon sizzling in the background as I read your posts.

  5. Quiddity says:

    So, is everything cool now? I guess so, judging from the (much appreciated) new posts.

    Keep up the great work.

  6. Shippie says:

    Normally I am a casual observer of your blog with little content to add, but this story caught my eye. I also have a good friend that lives in Stephenville and we have the same type of relationship that you share with Matt under similar circumstances. Thank you for your post.

    Lastly, the drive to Stephenville is really nice; of course one of our favorite ways is to take US 67. A faster route is IH20 to US 281. It is faster from the Metroplex and the best thing is that you do not have to drive through Granbury!

  7. DavidBryant says:

    Be wary of food offered to new members by pastors.

    When we joined our current church they required attendance at a 2 hour member orientation. Everyone that we knew that had attended raved about the fact that they always had Tippins pies. Apparently they were to die for… Anyway, we signed up and went (not for the pie, but were still looking forward to it). We show up and what do they have, cookies. Not homemade or gourmet cookies. These are the bulk chocolate chip cookies you can get at any grocery store. Were they bad, no. Were they a letdown, to quote my favorite Alaska politician, "you betcha'." We should have walked out and only come back for the pies. I guess it could be worse. Here it is 12+ years later and the new members class is now 6+ weeks long and NO FOOD is served.

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