A Reprieve?!?!?!

There just may be hope for BagOfNothing yet.

As a Republican to the core, I’ve been a member of the RNC for quite a while.  After all, I’m a Texan, and to be a Texan you have to be part of the GOP.  Well, a high ranking official of the RNC contacted me and stated that if I wanted to continue to serve as a regional junior delegate to the party, I needed to get rid of the blog.

After I made my post yesterday, a Sarah from Alaska contacted me.  She said she’s been an avid reader for the past couple of years, ever since she found a post I made way back when about moose bacon.  Anywho, she mentioned that she’s got friends high up in the party, and thought she could make an arrangement where I could continue the blog, while at the same time be associated with the party I love.

Her advice to me was, other than this one post, don’t make any other posts until Monday – that’s when she thought her friends could finalize an arrangement.  So hopefully everything will work out and I can continue blogging.  As soon as I hear back from Sarah and the party officials, I’ll let you know.  In the meantime, don’t expect any posts until then, but if a deal can be brokered earlier, you’ll be the first to know.

Oh, Sarah did provide me one one bacon link she thought I would enjoy – Squeeze Bacon.  She said as a mother of four and recent grandmother of one, she often doesn’t have time to cook bacon, and she found this a great comprimise.

That’s it for now.  Hopefully Sarah can pull off something magical.  When I asked her if she was certain she could arrange such a deal, her only reply back to me was “you betcha!”

Take care,


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13 Responses to A Reprieve?!?!?!

  1. Rev. Hart says:

    🙂 !

  2. Kevin_M says:

    Ha. Well played.

  3. Crap! and I had just registered annoyingcatvideos.com to fill the annoying cat video market that BON was vacating…

  4. dan says:

    Whew! I was worried that you had been kidnapped and brainwashed by a cult of Glen Beck Moonies. If this is the same Sarah I'm thinking of, she has a tag line that goes, "Blog, baby, blog!" Good news for all BONers!


  5. Melissa says:


    i love how your mind works!

  6. Alan says:

    Would it help if we sent them a stimulus package of bacon ??

  7. Quiddity says:

    Well, after being away from BON for a while (computer upgrade), I'm stunned to read about the possible demise of the blog. I don't see what the problem is that some others have with this site. I'm a liberal atheist Republican (yup) who enjoys seeing what others are doing or thinking about. BON is unique in the mix of news, fun videos, faith-observations, and miscellany. My feelings about those who would want, not only the blogging to stop, but to take down the entire blog, are unprintable. Not to get too technical, but even if you shut it down, stuff remains out there (cached pages, archive.org) for a long time. I fail to see why removal of the blog is mandated.

    I hope that you can find an accommodation with The Powers That Be. If Sarah is who I think she is, then you are in good company. Keep the faith, baby!

  8. greg says:

    Keith we all know this is just your excuse to not blog this weekend so you can watch the final four and eat copious amounts of bacon. BACON!!

  9. David Bryant says:

    This would be a good time to consider revisions to the blog. I am thinking it is time for a new name. I have an idea…

    Drumroll please…
    (ok, I cannot actually put a drum roll here so drum your fingers on a hard surface for a moment…)

    The new blog name is…

    Bag of Nothing But Bacon!

  10. 05girl says:

    all I can say is WOW! It can't be over!!

  11. noevadeaux says:

    I always thought you were a democrat. I must be really stupid.

  12. Chris says:

    You do realize if you stop blogging I will be forced to actually be productive at work, why would you do that to me?

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