A Reprieve?!?!?!

There just may be hope for BagOfNothing yet.

As a Republican to the core, I’ve been a member of the RNC for quite a while.  After all, I’m a Texan, and to be a Texan you have to be part of the GOP.  Well, a high ranking official of the RNC contacted me and stated that if I wanted to continue to serve as a regional junior delegate to the party, I needed to get rid of the blog.

After I made my post yesterday, a Sarah from Alaska contacted me.  She said she’s been an avid reader for the past couple of years, ever since she found a post I made way back when about moose bacon.  Anywho, she mentioned that she’s got friends high up in the party, and thought she could make an arrangement where I could continue the blog, while at the same time be associated with the party I love.

Her advice to me was, other than this one post, don’t make any other posts until Monday – that’s when she thought her friends could finalize an arrangement.  So hopefully everything will work out and I can continue blogging.  As soon as I hear back from Sarah and the party officials, I’ll let you know.  In the meantime, don’t expect any posts until then, but if a deal can be brokered earlier, you’ll be the first to know.

Oh, Sarah did provide me one one bacon link she thought I would enjoy – Squeeze Bacon.  She said as a mother of four and recent grandmother of one, she often doesn’t have time to cook bacon, and she found this a great comprimise.

That’s it for now.  Hopefully Sarah can pull off something magical.  When I asked her if she was certain she could arrange such a deal, her only reply back to me was “you betcha!”

Take care,


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