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Custom & Residential Bowling Alleys

These are full length regulation bowling lanes, not a scaled-down toy version. Genuine AMF & Brunswick equipment, available in single lanes or in pairs. Installed at your location to the USBC standards.

Minimum Area Requirements for 2 Lanes: 88′ X 11′-6″
Recommended Area Requirements for 2 Lanes: 95′ X (11′-6″ + 3′)

The bowling lanes are installed on a raised wood foundation. The finished surface of the lanes is 17″ above the concrete floor. The concrete can be recessed down 17″ to create a pit for the lanes, which results in a lane surface that is flush with the rest of the floor in the building.

A ceiling height of 10′ will be sufficient for lanes that are recessed down 17″. However, if the lanes must be raised (with no pit) the ceiling height will decrease by 17″.

A total of 50 Amps will be required to power the equipment.


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