Sandwich Cutting Question

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3 Responses to Sandwich Cutting Question

  1. Ashley says:

    If my boys are having the same kind of sandwich, I cut one diagonally and the other one “not diagonally”. Then I put half of each on their plates to make a house. I’ll put carrot sticks, string cheese, or a piece of banana vertically beside the house and arrange chips or apple slices on top to make a tree. I’ll get creative with whatever else they’ll be eating and make clouds or bushes or something else fun. They love it!

  2. Doug says:

    I quit eating sandwiches years ago in favor of tortilla wraps (less carbs) which I cut diagonally.

  3. only mothers should cut sandwiches diagnally. if you cut your own, it’s straight across.

    isn’t that a rule somewhere?

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