Reasons to root against the Patriots

  • Randy Moss. Does a guy who sulked and loafed for two years in Oakland deserve a Super Bowl ring?
  • Rodney Harrison. One of the league’s dirtiest players, Harrison carries the banner for a Patriots secondary that many opponents believe gets away with more than its share of downfield contact.
  • The rules. I don’t care who else was taping defensive signals. If Belichick is really so brilliant, he shouldn’t need a cheat sheet.
  • Bostonians. If the Red Sox, Patriots and Celtics all win championships in the same calendar year we might have to give Massachusetts back to the British.
  • The “Woe is Me” Patriot Fans – Despite being 16-0, on the cover of every sports publication throughout the season, being featured in prime time more than any other team, and having the highest regular season TV ratings, Patriots fans regularly claim they are disrespected.
  • Vince Wilfork has been fined $32,500 for two cheap shots this season.
  • The Patriots bandwagon is full.
  • They like to run up the score.
  • The Patriots have already planned a victory parade.  Link
  • Speaking of Patriots Super Bowl victory parades, they always end up chanting “Yankees Suck.”  It doesn’t make any sense rooting for your baseball team at a football victory parade.

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One Response to Reasons to root against the Patriots

  1. Richard says:

    I hope they choke. I can’t stand them or their intolerable fans.

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