Odds of Dying

The National Safety Council has been compiling and reporting on injury data every year since the 1920s. The table below was prepared in response to frequent inquiries to the Council concerning the odds of dying from or being killed by a specific incident or occurrence such as a lightning strike or a plane crash.

The odds given below are statistical averages over the whole U.S. population and do not necessarily reflect the chances of death for a particular person from a particular external cause.


A few examples:

  • Motorcycle Rider – 1 in 938 (this stat is for you, Barry)
  • Accidental Drowning – 1 in 1140
  • Contact with Venomous Animals/Plants – 1 in 46,539
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2 Responses to Odds of Dying

  1. Ella says:

    The odds of drowning are mostly for children in the home falling into mop water before age 3 I believe. Due to the head being heavier the rest of the body. Many would survive if not for the chemicals in the water they inhale into the lungs.

    Also, most people die in home accidents. Just stepping out of the shower slipping and striking their head on the toilet. Bad way to go to falls. My cousin died from falling off a 3 ft ladder cleaning window from a head injury.

    Good reminder. I saw tow horrible motorcycle accident. Many not due to the driver, but drivers not seeing them.

    Peace Out,


  2. Ella says:

    Typing fast please excuse sp errors.

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