Obama in Dallas Thoughts

Texas is still a red state, but I was really surprised at the crowd Obama was able to draw at Reunion Arena today in Dallas.  It was reassuring knowing I’m not the only Democrat in DFW. 

Since Texas’ primary is so far down the political calendar the nomination for each party is usually sealed up, so Texas doesn’t get a lot of attention from the candidates and we aren’t use to seeing any of those political rallies.  With that in mind, I had thoughts of checking out the Obama rally just to get an idea what these things are all about; however, project meetings and deadlines are keeping me busy at work.  Turns out it was all for the best as I don’t deal with crowds very well and there was one heck of a crowd at the Obama rally.

Over 17,000 came to hear him speak and over a thousand had to be turned away.  That’s quite amazing for a Democrat in Texas.  Heck, the news even reported that SWAT had to be pulled in to help with crowd control, not that there was any violence but because of the amount of people and the huge traffic jams.  It almost made me think that if Obama wins the nomination, it’s possible he could win Texas – but then I realized I was only day dreaming.

So far the political ads from both Obama and Clinton have been positive.  There are two commercials that keep playing at adnausium and the two things I have burned in my memory is that Obama’s mother died at 52 and that Clinton likes to help people. 

Earlier I posted that there is no way that Clinton will win the Texas primary, but now I’m not so sure.  I’ve discovered that Latinos favor Clinton, and there are a bunch of Latinos here. 

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  1. Nathan S. says:

    So maybe you have an old post on this somewhere.. but why again are you a democrat?
    Especially how do you feel about all the “hot topic” Christian political issues.
    This isn’t condescending, just curious.

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