My First Ever Asthma Attack

I never had asthma, so when I couldn’t take in a full breath I started to freak out.  This all happened about two in the morning and WifeGeeding sensing a good blogging opportunity decided to snap this pic with her camera phone.


I was told that even though I have never had a case of asthma in the past, as we age our body changes and we can develop asthma as well as allergies to things we never had a reaction to before.  Wow, talk about something I’ve taken for granted for the past 32 years.  Now I have two inhalers.  One to take to help me for the long term, and one to take when I start to feel really bad.  Right now I’m breathing better, but I still don’t quite feel I’m getting a full breath no matter how much I breath in.  Hopefully I won’t have to be dependent on an inhaler for much longer.

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14 Responses to My First Ever Asthma Attack

  1. littlepastor says:

    Hang in there man! And whatever you do don’t post any posterior shots of you in that gown!

  2. Darren says:

    Get well soon.

  3. hot_bananas says:

    get better soon! it’s a pain to be dependent on inhalers.

  4. Bone says:

    nice gown!

  5. Jamie says:

    Get better soon and make sure the gown is tied in the back

  6. Rev. Hart says:

    It’s nice to know that WifeGeeding still takes your breath away 🙂

    (Feel better soon, friend).

  7. DB says:

    Similar thing happened to me, but did not last. I used the asthma meds for a couple of years (as needed, not constantly) but found that I no longer needed them. It has been about 5 yrs since I had a need for any prescription inhalant.

  8. Dado says:

    Get well soon.

    And please sell this gown on eBay ASAP 🙂

  9. Doug says:

    Good luck Keith. My old running buddy had asthma. She ran a complete marathon with me so hopefully it never limits you.

  10. HeyJules says:

    You couldn't just get the flu like everybody else???

    Hey, I'll keep you in my prayers. And no, I will not be bidding on your hospital gown.

  11. MamaToots says:

    I “echo” DB….I, too, developed the symptons and malady well into my adult life. A few years of using the inhaler and now all of that is but a memory!! But………..allergies present themselves when THEY feel like it, not always when we are expecting them!!

    Get better soon!

  12. better asthma than an impacted colon. at least for your viewers 🙂

  13. carolyn says:

    Good heavens! Hope this is transient phenomenon. Maybe it’s all that bacon you’ve been rhapsodizing over/ingesting/inhaling fumes from.. Seriously, be well, friend.

  14. moldisinawe says:

    damn…i wish i was your lover

    not really, but that sophie b hawkins song came into my head when i saw you in your gown. is that _ _ _ ?

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