How Not To Release A Bear

[Image Removed Per Request of Photogropher]

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8 Responses to How Not To Release A Bear

  1. Doug Bohn says:

    The man in these photos is Lou Kiss a game warden for over 25 years in Kalispell, Montana. This incident happened during a “outdoor writers” convention in Whitefish the year before Lou was scheduled to retire. If you look closely at the photo where the trap and Lou come out of the truck, you will notice that the truck has moved forward about 18 inches, dumping Lou and the cage on top of the unhappy bruin. Lou won this fight when the 6th and final shot from his .357 magnum de-brained the bear. After recovering for about 6 weeks in the hospital, Lou returned to work with a .44 magnum on his hip and he retired as one of the highest regarded men in his field.

  2. Loneoak says:

    How could Lou Kiss with over 25 years of experience be so stupid not to tie down the cage when releasing the bear or any kind of animals or having a protect cage for the person to release any animals? I am sure he must have been smoking crank or marijuana before releasing the bear at the time or he just lazy not “thinking safely for himself or others game warden. He should have be retire from his job 10 to 20 years ago if he made more than three mistake on job work. I, myself would have not hire him for the safely he do not THINK safely for himself and the animals of any kind rather the animals weight more than the cage itself or less/more predator.

  3. Richard P. Smith says:

    I’m the photographer who took the copyrighted photos of the Montana grizzly bear attack and they are being used illegally on this site without my permission. I licensed the use of these images only on the web site for Field & Stream Magazine. They were copied illegally from that site and posted here as well as elsewhere. If you see these photos posted elsewhere, please contact me through my web site:

  4. Response to Richard P Smith says:

    what an ass Richard P Smith. The world would get by just fine without your photos, so yes, lets all take them down asap and you can jack off to your field and stream magazine.

  5. kurt says:

    HAHAAHAH +1 Richard!!!

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