Hey Patriots . . .

Cheaters never win.


And to think I thought Dallas was CHOKE CITY!

As hard as it is for this Cowboy fan to say, way to go Giants!

Resilience indeed.

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6 Responses to Hey Patriots . . .

  1. haymoose says:

    Ouch, you just add to the pain…

  2. haymoose says:

    Romo kind of made it to the Superbowl, huh? Thanks to Justin Timberlake and Pepsi!!!

  3. moldisagiantsfan says:

    BON…I was with ya up to that whole Choke comment…these guys fought and fought and fought…and earned the win! They were down by a lot in some ways and totally shut down the Pats at other times. Other than that…I join with you the way to go!

    Oh…and that Romolake commercial was awesome…especially when the Plasma hit him in the head thanks to the Dad of the girl.

  4. Doug says:

    Besides a losing effort by the Patriots, my favorite part was it was a great game. After years of Super Bowl blowouts it's nice to have an entertaining game.

    Other note, that dog (New England) has been looking for a place to lay down for weeks now. They were two teams this year…one of the best teams ever and just another team.

    Finally, I heard it came out over the weekend that they were filming St. Louis in their first Super Bowl win. They've been cheating the league for years and the survey at the end which said they were the 5th best team of all time maybe overstating their greatness if this is true.

    PS. Petty was so so.

  5. Rev. Hart says:

    To say the Pats choked is to discredit the amazing Giants defense, who did their homework and adequately stopped the great New England offense. Manning was also quite good in the 4th quarter.

    Ticker tape parade tomorrow… too bad I have staff meetings all day.

  6. hot_bananas says:

    that was really a very unexpected game. i didn’t think the giants were going to pull through, especially, the last pass. but they did. glad i stayed up until 4:00am to watch the whole game. too bad, we don’t see any of the commercials.

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