– America’s Most Miserable Cities

We looked at only the 150 largest metropolitan areas, which meant a minimum population of 371,000. We ranked the cities on the six criteria and added their ranks together to establish what we call the Misery Measure.

Detroit, MI
Stockton, CA
Flint, MI
New York City
Philadelphia, PA
Chicago, IL
Los Angeles, CA
Modesto, CA
Charlotte, NC
Providence, RI


I grew up in a town named Mineral Wells, but sometimes because made fun of it and called it Miserable Smells.  I didn’t think it was that miserable and overall enjoyed my time there.

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3 Responses to – America’s Most Miserable Cities

  1. Doug says:

    We refered to it as Miserable Welch in college but my buddy came from there and we generally enjoyed it as well. I think when you are 19 years old you want a bit more excitement than what Mineral Wells had to offer. My roommate was from Plano so THAT was the promiseland for a bunch of guys in Stephenville.

  2. stephanie says:

    I only have one experience with Mineral Wells. I was going on a road trip with some friends in high school, and we broke down in Mineral Wells on the way. While trapped there, we spent most of our time in a Chicken Express. During our hours at chicken express we would see the same cars driving by again and again (and this was in the wee hours of the morning)… so we assumed that that was the thing to do in Mineral Wells… drive your blue jeep around and around and around. I’m glad to hear that it’s not such a bad place afterall.

  3. We have hellish heat, intoerable humidity, no zoning, a corrupt DA, an incompetent crime lab, 1/2 of the bush clan, 3/4 of Detroit expatriots, 7/8 of post Katrina, New Orlean’s criminals, no heritage, big hair, and bigger post-Enron egos.

    This survey was rigged.

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