Convicted Pedophile Shot, Killed By Deputies Was Bible Study Teacher

A 62-year-old convicted pedophile shot and killed while holding a flare gun Wednesday was an adult Bible study teacher at a Central Florida church, police said. Sheriff’s deputies and Orlando police officers were performing surveillance on the man, who was wanted on charges of capital sexual battery on a 7-year-old. The man, whose name and age were not released, showed up at the house, and deputies moved in, Orange County Sheriff Kevin Beary said.

The suspect was a Bible study teacher at Oviedo Presbyterian Church, police said.

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One Response to Convicted Pedophile Shot, Killed By Deputies Was Bible Study Teacher

  1. Chris O' says:

    I read everyday about parent/s killing their child. Today many reports of people killing others for whatever reason. Some would/could say drugs, some say lack of jobs or stress. It’s everyday! Makes my heart hurt and wonder just where we’re headed if/when things get worse, which they will. Very sad state of affairs our country is in at this time. One can’t point fingers at any one thing responsible, that list is long and distinguished! People in our country are hurting, due to the times we happen to be in. God love us!

    Life is to be charished, not extinguished. Some just don’t see it that way.

    Have a safe weekend,

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