Church says: Take the 30 day sex challenge!

Ybor City – Pastor Paul Wirth says at Relevant Church located at 1731 E. 7th Avenue they’re not only talking about sex they’re doling out homework. He’s gearing up to issue a challenge to his congregation this Sunday. Married couples must have sex for 30 days. Single members have to abstain from sex for 30 days.

Pastor Wirth says “We thought if we could challenge our married couples to really engage in intimacy for 30 days and really focus on each others needs for 30 days it would revolutionize their relationships and if we could get single people to remove sex from the equation for 30 days and focus on what really makes their relationships really work it could revolutionize their relationships the current ones that they’re in and maybe their future relationships with their future spouses.”

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2 Responses to Church says: Take the 30 day sex challenge!

  1. suitepotato says:

    Is he insane? The last person any married man wants to get busy with every single day is his own wife. Are we sure this isn’t a secret collusion between NOW and Pfizer?

  2. Intimacy issues are as complicated as the human psyche gets. A sex pop-psychology game led by a church pastor is bound to do some damage that ultimately will require the highly trained professionals to repair. I would no more take the advise of this guy for anything remotely related to intimacy, than I would for legal matters or estate planning.

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