BLT Candles


I’ve invented Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato votive candles. Maybe I’m crazy, but here’s how my mind works: I love the smell of bacon cooking. I fantasize about having bacon grilling on the stove day and night. In my philosophic musings I asked myself what is better than a BLT? As much as I try, I can’t eat a BLT at every meal and I can’t grill bacon 24 hours a day. Then I asked myself: ‘What is the meaning of Bacon? What is the meaning of Lettuce? What is the meaning of Tomato?’ What is the meaning of life? Then the epiphany: BLT-scented votive candles! Isn’t it obvious? One votive candle scented with the aroma of bacon. One votive scented with the aroma of lettuce. One votive scented with the aroma of tomatoes. They are sensual, sexy and tantalizing. You may want to light them in your kitchen, office or bedroom or wherever you seek sensual pleasure and enlightenment; by yourself or with someone special. Depending on your need and sensual mood, you can light them as a set or individually.


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