19 Years Ago Today


Jerry Jones bought the Dallas Cowboys and this little 13 year old vowed never to root for the Cowboys again after the firing of Tom Landry.  Wow, time flies.

In those 19 years:

  • 3 Super Bowls
  • 7 Divisional Championships
  • 11 Playoff Appearances
  • 6 Coaches after Tom Landry
  • 1 Facelift

I really bring all this up because of something I remember back in 1989.  His name kept appearing, but the local TV and newspapers didn’t have one photo of the guy - there was nothing in their stock photo file.  Now his mug is everywhere, and with today’s technology there’s always an available photograph of someone.  I believe this was one of the first photos of the guy.


Edit: Here’s a nice little story about this picture and here’s video of the press conference.

Edit Edit:  Another nice (but a little dated) story about that day.  Link


Tex Schram doesn’t look too happy.

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