10 Ways to Improve the NFL

With the Pro Bowl this weekend comes the offical end of the NFL season.  That melancholy moment hit most of us right after the clock hit zero (or 00:01 for Bill Belichick)  at the Super Bowl.  The NFL is the best profressional sports league by far, but here are 10 ways that it can improve.

  1. Get rid of the officiating crew’s cold weather uniforms.  They’re just plain ugly.
  2. Solve the whole NFL Network dilemma with the cable companies.  Everyone should be able to benefit this from this league soon than later.
  3. Speaking of the NFL Network, if you are going to broadcast games, have a decent announcing crew.  Bryant Gumbel may be very knowledgeable about football, but has his strength definitely isn’t in doing play-by-play.  How about bringing Pat Summerall out of retirement our getting Bob Costas?
  4. Get rid of Thursday night games.  You can keep the end of season Saturday games, but those Thursday night games interfere with our schedules – not to mention our fantasy picks.
  5. Bring back HBO’s Inside the NFL.  This week was the last airing of the show not only for the season, but for good.  The analysis and insider perspective was great, and it’s always nice hearing Harry Kalas’ voice during the high lights portion.
  6. Add a drop ball statistic to a QB’s passer rating.
  7. No out of country games during the regular season.  Home town fans are only guaranteed 8 games a year, as opposed to MLB’s 81 and the 41 home games of the NBA and NHL.
  8. Give the players a little more freedom to celebrate after a touchdown.
  9. We need full disclosure regarding Spy Gate.  The sooner the better so we can get this behind us and know that the integrity of the game isn’t compromised.
  10. Bring back the IBM presents . . . You Make the Call commercials.  They don’t even have to be sponsored by IBM.  These commercials created a little challenge and actually helped us learn some of the rules.   I tried my darnedest to find a YouTube video of this, but no luck.
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4 Responses to 10 Ways to Improve the NFL

  1. Topher says:

    You forgot the complete beating that the preseason has become. Let's have three preseason games and then get on with the real season.

    And what's it gonna take to get a playoff system instituted here?! Oh, wait, that's college football. Never mind.

  2. dan says:

    Pick an All-Pro team but skip the totally meaningless Pro Bowl game.

    Just one week between the NFC/AFC championhip games and the Super Bowl. The extra week just softens the edge the teams have been developing during the playoffs and adds nothing but more useless SportsTalk punditry.

  3. MamaToots says:

    Get rid of ALL sportscasters (or whatever they are called) that “flap their jaws” w/ statistics and their opinions! They just like to hear themselves talk. The “analysis” of every play is most definitely OVERKILL!!!

  4. Cowboys Homer says:

    Get rid of the sideline reporter. Unless it is the great Melissa Stark.

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