Update: BagOfNothing.com Christmas Card Experiment 2.1 – Your chance to help fight lupus

My 14th and 15th Christmas cards came in the mail today

The 14th card is from Ashley of Mesquite, TX.  We’ll be driving though her city within the next 24 hours on our way to see WifeGeeding’s family in East Texas.

The 15th card is from Jonathan of Lubbock, TX who sends greetings from West Texas.  He was nice enough to include a small donation to help fight lupus.

Thanks to Ashley and Jonathan for the cards and helping to fight lupus!

So that’s eight cards from Texas, two cards from NY, and one from North Carolina, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, and Canada.  

With a total of 15 cards, that’s $15 I’ll donate to help fight lupus.

A small recap of the experiment of me trying to see if any of you are willing to send me a Christmas card:

Option 1:  You can make a direct donation to the Lupus Research Institute in memory of Kim Geeding.  Have the acknowledgement sent to my address, and I’ll consider that my Christmas card.  I’ve done some research, and out of all the lupus organizations I feel most comfortable with the Lupus Research Institute came out on top.

Option 2:  If you just want to send a card and no money, then I will total up all the cards received before Dec 25, and for each card donate a dollar (up to $50) to the Lupus Research Institute.  If you include any money, I’ll make sure to donate the funds directly to the Lupus Research Institute. 

Send all cards to

Keith “BagOfNothing” Geeding
421 Vista Noche Dr
Lewisville, TX 75067-8345

Please be sure to include the “BagOfNothing” in the name so I know the card comes from a reader and not the dentist or plumber.

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