Flight Simulation Fun

WifeGeeding and I were very fortunate to ride in a flight simulator a couple nights ago thanks to our favorite neighbor.  I’ve always heard how real these simulators feel, but you really can’t appreciate it until you actually inside one of these things.  Our simulator was was a Beechjet 400A.



These simulators are really amazing, and HUGE – about the size of a two story house!

But before we dared the Beechjet simulator, we started off small with a gliding simulator.



It took a little getting use to, but very very fun.

But then it was on to the big boy toys.  Our neighbor the flight instructor threw all sorts of stuff at us light bad weather conditions and other planes flying straight at us, but it only added to the fun.  Out of three landings, I actually had one ‘safe’ landing.  WifeGeeding didn’t’ do too bad herself.



This picture above was taken right after liftoff just before my right engine decided to fail.


WifeGeeding is trying to concentrate on her instrument panel since she’s flying through thick fog over NYC.  We tipped our wing over Rev Hart’s apartment.


Now I’m almost tempted to start work on a pilot’s license. 🙂

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2 Responses to Flight Simulation Fun

  1. Nathan S. says:

    That is super cool.
    I guess stuff like that is just one of the perks of being a famous blogger.

  2. ABSmtih says:

    who knew geeding has such a cute rear end!

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