NFL Week 14 Recap

This week I was an astonishing 15/16, which puts me 134/208 or 64%, two points higher than last week.

Bears at Redskins – Correct
Panthers at Jaguars – Correct
Raiders at Packers – Correct
Chargers at Titans – Correct
Rams at Bengals – Correct
Buccaneers at Texans – Incorrect
Dolphins at Bills – Correct
Cowboys at Lions – Correct
Giants at Eagles – Correct
Vikings at 49ers – Correct
Cardinals at Seahawks – Correct
Browns at Jets – Correct
Chiefs at Broncos – Correct
Steelers at Patriots – Correct
Colts at Ravens – Correct
Saints at Falcons – Correct

However, I did have a poor fantasy week.  I thought the Steelers would give the Pats a hard time so I sold Brady and picked up Palmer and bought T.O. since he was facing the Lions.  None of that worked out.


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One Response to NFL Week 14 Recap

  1. Doug says:

    Still sucking in 4th with little or no chance of catching The Geeding. Barely holding off my office compadre.

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