McDonald’s Blasted for Advertising on Report Cards

Susan Pagan was recently surprised by her 9-year-old daughter’s report card. Her daughter had made the honor roll, but that wasn’t a shock. What was surprising was that her daughter was now entitled to a free Happy Meal because of her grades.

“She came home bubbly and happy about her report card,” said Pagan. “On the cover was a McDonald’s ad. I was blown away.”

As part of a joint business partnership with The School Board of Seminole County, Fla., McDonald’s offered students food prizes for A’s and B’s, citizenship and attendance. The offer was valid for kindergartners through fifth graders.

Pagan viewed this ad as “preying on our children’s vulnerabilities especially in light of the obesity epidemic.”

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I also wonder what it must be like going to elementary school with the last name of Pagan. 

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