Donald Trump’s Big Tip


A couple thoughts on this story that you can read here:

  • Great publicity considering Celebrity Apprentice will start on Jan 3.
  • I bet he isn’t happy (or is he?) that the waiter had the receipt scanned.  At least the important numbers are blacked out.
  • I remember an Applebee’s waitress got the same tip earlier this year, and after taxes the amount she actually received was $6300.  Link
  • ICED TEA COSTS $5!!!!!!
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One Response to Donald Trump’s Big Tip

  1. Paul says:

    The following was in the Dec. 7 New York Post Newspaper:
    Not Our Donald

    DONALD Trump might be generous, but he didn’t tip a Santa Monica waiter $10,000 on Monday. The tycoon says he wasn’t even in California. published a copy of a MasterCard receipt showing that Trump tipped $10,000 on an $82.27 bill after dining at the Buffalo Club, but Trump told Page Six it was a hoax. “This was done by the stupid restaurant to get publicity,” he said. “. . . It’s not my signature.” The Web site not only ran an interview with waiter Billy D but also posted a video of the supposed server walking to his car.

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