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Random Sonic Thought

I went to Sonic for lunch to try the new double meat patty melt, which I highly recommend by the way, and I’m starting to notice that just about every Sonic now has the credit/debit card machine at every ordering stand.  … Continue reading


NFL Week 14 Recap

This week I was an astonishing 15/16, which puts me 134/208 or 64%, two points higher than last week. Bears at Redskins – Correct Panthers at Jaguars – Correct Raiders at Packers – Correct Chargers at Titans – Correct Rams at … Continue reading

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Toy kitchens for boys?

The idea of boys playing in kitchens seems more palatable to parents today than in earlier generations, probably because of how they were raised and how they run their households, says Dr. Michael Kaplan, an assistant clinical professor at the … Continue reading

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