The Worst Credit Card I Have Ever Seen

contmmcardssgn2.jpgHere is one such stupid subprime product – the Continental Finance MasterCard. It’s hard to believe that this piece of plastic comes with an initial credit limit of just $53 after a long list of fees!

Below are some of the amazing rates and fees that go along with this card.

  • Account setup fee: $99
  • Program participation fee: $89
  • Annual fee: $49
  • Account maintenance fee: $120 (charged @ $10/month)
  • Purchase APR: 19.92%
  • Authorized user fee: $30 (great! seems like $53 credit is a bit too much for a single person to handle)
  • Credit limit increase fee: $25 (and you don’t even have to ask for it!)


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2 Responses to The Worst Credit Card I Have Ever Seen

  1. j. Mcneal says:

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  2. JC says:

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