NFL Week 2 Recap

The good news is that I’m no longer dead last in my fantasy football league – I’m just second to last. 


The bad news is I’m only 9/16 with last week’s picks.   For the season that’s 20/32 or 63%.

Texans at Panthers – Incorrect
Colts at Titans – Correct
49ers at Rams – Incorrect
Saints at Buccaneers – Incorrect
Packers at Giants – Correct
Bills at Steelers – Correct
Bengals at Browns – Incorrect
Falcons at Jaguars – Correct
Seahawks at Cardinals – Incorrect
Vikings at Lions – Correct
Cowboys at Dolphins- Correct
Chiefs at Bears – Correct
Jets at Ravens – Correct
Raiders at Broncos – Correct
Chargers at Patriots – Incorrect
Redskins at Eagles – Incorrect

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One Response to NFL Week 2 Recap

  1. Doug says:

    OK CowboysHomer, you gotta let me sneak in sooner or later. Second place is nice but first for juyst one week? Cut a Sleestak some slack.

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