NFL Week 1 Recap

I’m trying to think of a good excuse why I came in LAST in MY fantasy football league – but I have a bag full of nothing other than to say I must spend too much time blogging rather than researching for a decent fantasy squad.  My new goal is not to come in last.  The two guys in first more than doubled my point value.


In other BON NFL news, my prognostication results were 11 for 16 or 69% correct.  Not too shabby, but not quite as good as my new blogging friend from Atlanta.

Saints at Colts – Incorrect
Falcons at Vikings – Correct
Chiefs at Texans – Correct
Panthers at Rams – Correct
Eagles at Packers -  Incorrect
Patriots at Jets – Correct
Broncos at Bills – Correct
Dolphins at Redskins – Incorrect
Titans at Jaguars – Incorrect
Steelers at Browns – Correct
Bears at Chargers – Correct
Lions at Raiders – Correct
Buccaneers at Seahawks – Correct
Giants at Cowboys – Correct
Ravens at Bengals – Incorrect
Cardinals at 49ers – Correct

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3 Responses to NFL Week 1 Recap

  1. alex says:

    What website do you play at?

  2. Cowboys Homer says:

    Yahoo Salary Cap Football.

    In the whole yahoo salary cap world I am ranked 8,804.

    The top score for the week was 155.1

  3. Doug says:

    That 155.1 is insane. I thought I did fairly well coming in right behind Cowboys Homer and then I saw Gannon’s MVPs line up. He had top producers at just about every position.

    Hang in there Keith. You can certainly catch my office buddy Darren, the Ragamuffin, who is only 12 pts ahead of you.

    Fort Worth Sleestaks

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