NFL Prognostication Week 4

Wow – week 4 of the NFL season is here, which means a quarter of the regular season games will have been played after this week.  Thank goodness the bye week helps extend things a bit.

Two weeks ago I was on a plane flying from Boston to Dallas while the Cowboys were playing!  It really pains me to miss a Cowboys game, and it will hurt even more this Sunday as I will be flying from Dallas to Boston DURING THE GAME!  URGHHH!!!  Not only am I missing out on my beloved Cowboys, but I’m missing out on all my NFL Sunday Ticket enjoyment.  It’s time for me to put the Slingbox to the test – too bad I can’t do that in the air.

On to my picks which are in bold:

Texans at Falcons
Jets at Bills
Raiders at Dolphins
Bears at Lions
Rams at Cowboys
Ravens at Browns
Packers at Vikings
Seahawks at 49ers
Buccaneers at Panthers
Broncos at Colts
Chiefs at Chargers
at Cardinals
Eagles at Giants
Patriots at Bengals

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