NFL Prognostication Week 1

I’ve seen segments on NFL pregame shows where someone predicts the winner of upcoming games and always thought that I could do better than those guys on TV.  So here it goes, I’m going to see how well I can predict games.   In all likelihood I will probably humble myself, but it should be fun nonetheless.

My predicted winners are in bold. 

Saints at Colts
Falcons at Vikings
Chiefs at Texans
Panthers at Rams
Eagles at Packers
Patriots at Jets
Broncos at Bills
Dolphins at Redskins
Titans at Jaguars
Steelers at Browns
Bears at Chargers
Lions at Raiders
Buccaneers at Seahawks
Giants at Cowboys
Ravens at Bengals
Cardinals at 49ers

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3 Responses to NFL Prognostication Week 1

  1. Chris O' says:

    SirGeeding, this is the best I could come up with. Good luck.

    Saints at Colts Agree
    Falcons at Vikings Disagree
    Chiefs at Texans Agree
    Panthers at Rams Agree
    Eagles at Packers Disagree
    Patriots at Jets Agree
    Broncos at Bills Agree
    Dolphins at Redskins Agree
    Titans at Jaguars Disagree
    Steelers at Browns Agree
    Bears at Chargers Agree
    Lions at Raiders Disagree
    Buccaneers at Seahawks Agree
    Giants at Cowboys Disagree
    Ravens at Bengals Agree
    Cardinals at 49ers Agree

  2. Doug says:

    Against the spread Keith! It’s much harder against the point spread.

    Oh and get ready for Fantasy Football folks! (I can hear my office buddy yelling “NERD”!)

  3. RichC says:

    Whatcha got against my Bengals or even Browns for that matter. I think you’re wrong on both calls!

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