Man Uses Newspaper Crossword Puzzle To ‘Pop The Question’

Boston Globe Aided Marriage Proposal

BOSTON — Forget about candlelight, champagne and a bended knee. Don’t think about a public proposal at Fenway Park while the Red Sox play.

They are both romantic in their own way, but not nearly as inventive as the proposal concocted by a love-struck man and a local newspaper.

The clue in a Boston Globe Sunday crossword puzzle turned out to be part of a clever and very original marriage proposal.

The clue for 111 across was “Generic Proposal.” The answer: “Will you marry me?”

For Aric Egmont, of Cambridge, Mass., the answer was also the marriage proposal to his girlfriend and puzzle devotee, Jennie Bass.

The Globe said that Egmont, 29, contacted the magazine this summer to ask if the puzzle writers would be willing to write one especially for him.

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