Golden Rule Politics

grp-cover.gifThe Baptist Center for Ethics is pleased to release “Golden Rule Politics: Reclaiming the Rightful Role of Faith in Politics.” “Golden Rule Politics” offers an antidote to the prevailing myth that GOP stands for “God’s Only Party.” The 35-minute DVD challenges the Christian Right’s political myth constructed over 25 years that the Republican Party is America’s moral party, the party of God’s favor.

Rooted in the theological conviction that God is neither a Republican nor a Democrat, that neither party is thoroughly moral nor completely immoral, the DVD explores the rightful role of faith in politics through interviews with clergy and politicians in Alabama, Missouri and Tennessee. It expands the moral agenda from the narrow list of issues prioritized by the Christian Right to the fuller expression of issues found in the Christian tradition, beginning with the biblical priority of doing justice.

“Golden Rule Politics” features interviews with pastors and faith leaders who discuss how party politics have sometimes attempted to co-opt religion and often trample on the separation of church and state. It eschews the more familiar faces and shouting heads of partisan politics and instead interviews four faithful Democratic politicians in red states who know the religious and political landscape better than many.

Link (with more YouTube previews)


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