Fenway Park

There aren’t many places that I really want to see before I die, but several sporting locations are on my list.  I already have Yankee Stadium crossed off, and today I’m able to say that not only did I visit Fenway Park, but I got to experience a Yankees – Red Sox game.  What a totally amazing experience.  New England culture is something else, especially when it comes to their beloved Red Sox.  It was very emotional, but not as hostile as I would have thought. 

The only downer of the evening was getting seperated from my friends before we entered the complex.  The one single event I was looking forward to the most of this trip was walking into Fenway with my friends at the same time and experiencing the moment of all of us seeing the inside of it for the very first time and realizing that a dream has come true.  It was nice experiencing by myself, but it just means more to me when I’m able to experience such a once in a lifetime moment with those I value having in my life.

Thankfully I was able to sqeeze some juice out of those almost dead batteries in my camera:

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3 Responses to Fenway Park

  1. Haymoose says:


  2. BSG says:

    I was lucky enough to attend Fenway one time. (And almost got killed by a foul ball.) I’m so glad that you got to experience it. You’ll remember it forever.

  3. Rev Hart says:

    We have good friends with season tickets to the Yankees AND to the University of Michigan “Big House.” But since you’ve ripped on both the Yankees and UofM so much lately (my teams, Keith!), I’ll never invite you to come along with us to either place!! 🙂 Sucka.

    It’s a good thing we’re both still Jesus fans and Bono fans, eh?

    Safe travels back to Texas, my friend.

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