Ed Young talks about the tiring nature of being a pastor

I’m sure some of you will roll your eyes at this rant, but I’m sure many of my readers can relate.

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One Response to Ed Young talks about the tiring nature of being a pastor

  1. Jill says:

    Several years ago I went to Grapevine’s Fellowship Church with a friend who attended there. I have been a faithful member at my small rural church for many years. I actually went with attitude of “well I’m sure this is a ‘feel good’ church…it ought to be uplifting…but possibly all fluff!”. I went away feeling that Pastor Ed Young was a man of God! I was convicted during the service (which is I think the ultimate compliment) and found their membership practices very refreshing. I liked that they required classes to join the church! I liked their “home groups”. I loved that they asked for no infants and encouraged the parents to either stand in the family area or please use their lovely facilities! They seemed to take a strong stance on issues and practices. I hope the church is still seeking God as I saw them do years ago. I hope to visit another day!

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