Drinking Liberally in Salt Lake City

drinkliberadfs1.jpgSo What is Drinking Liberally?

An informal, inclusive Democratic drinking club. Raise your spirits while you raise your glass, and share ideas while you share a pitcher. Drinking Liberally gives like-minded, left-leaning individuals a place to talk politics. You don’t need to be a policy expert and this isn’t a book club – just come and learn from peers, trade jokes, vent frustration and hang out in an environment where it’s not taboo to talk politics.

Bars are democratic spaces – you talk to strangers, you share booths, you feel the bond of common ground. Salt Lake’s chapter of Drinking Liberally is a source of catharsis for many, and a fun way to meet like-minded individuals for others. Whatever your agenda, come on out and be a part of the newest, most casual way to meet the liberal minority of Salt Lake City. You don’t even have to drink alcohol, soft drinks and water are available and you won’t even be shunned.

Turns out there’s even a Dallas chapter.  Link

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