Dallas Central Expressway – 1959

From the Inbox this morning:

This is Central Expressway in 1959!!!!  Looking south..that building you see near top of pic on side of Central is the Meadows Building, which is still there today…thats down around Lovers Lane.  That overpass at the bottom of the pic….thats WALNUT HILL LANE! 

Park Lane

is the next overpass and then the cloverleaf overpass is



Click to enlarge.

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3 Responses to Dallas Central Expressway – 1959

  1. littlepastor says:

    As a person that has spent many a morning and afternoon sitting in bad traffic at that exact area, this is fascinating!

  2. Doug says:

    Holy cow! The caption says US 75 at Walnut Hill looking south? Where is the city?

  3. Doug says:

    Keith, I forwarded this pic to some friends and got this response back from someone who got to see it first hand. Thought you might find it amusing.

    “I was going to Kansas State College and drove down with some of my fraternity brothers to Dallas from Manhattan, Kansas…..We had nothing to do on a weekend and decided to drive and see what Dallas, Texas looked like. Once we crossed the Red River we noticed the highway system changed from two lane roads to four lanes….a few miles south all of a sudden we saw highway 75 had highway poles lighting the way……We had never seen farm land or highways lit before. There was nothing but farm land north of loop 12, and we drove to downtown Dallas and got out in front of the new Republic Bank building that had the big stars on the sides of it’s walls, touched it and turned around and drove back to school.

    I have never forgotten how fancy I thought Texas was for lighting up highways that had nothing but big open ranch land on either side. Little could I know that those lights would lead everyone North and one day I believe commercial property will go all the way to the Oklahoma border.”


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