Ctrl issues

For some reason the Ctrl button on my laptop no longer works.  I’m one of those that love using keyboard short cuts and not having this button function is driving me batty.  This is happening on all programs.  I have a feeling it’s more of a software issue rather than my keyboard not working.

Any suggestions, other than buying a Mac?

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7 Responses to Ctrl issues

  1. MommaSadler says:

    I married a MacHead and now I’m a believer. Come to the dark side. It ain’t so bad.

  2. Rev. Hart says:

    Buy a Mac.

    We only buy from the refurbished section. You get a discount, AND a machine that has been thoroughly gone-over by the Mac techs.


  3. Nic says:

    Some keyboard shortcuts may not work if StickyKeys is turned on in Accessibility Options.

    SHIFT five times Switch StickyKeys on and off.

    I don’t know if this will help, but it can’t hurt. Good luck!

  4. moldisamacguy says:

    buy the mac…it will save you hours and money…i spent 5 hours this past weekend working on the less expensive option (pc)…trying to get rid of 117 trojan viruses a la spyware.

  5. sistergeeding says:

    ***thinks long and hard****….. Sooo…. I know you said “…other than buying a mac.”….but….. BUY A MAC. I thoroughly enjoy Ole Silver…. He shows his love for me buy not screwing up like other inferiors…

    I say it with love.

  6. Doug says:

    So you’ve lost CTRL?

    (Fort Worth Sleestaks)

  7. haymoose says:


    My notebook is an HP. I was able to replace the keyboard myself, I’m no guru, but it works great now. This is of course depending on the age and manuf. of your device. Also, you will need a set of the small tech scredrivers. It, I assure you is a really sweaty-palms operation but it can be done.

    Email me your make and model, I’ll see what i can find out, I have only four days left here at the office, they have transitioned my projects over to my replacement. I am surfing and posting all week. I cannot wait to start my new job however, I will be happy to help you work through this if you do not cave and spend all of that money on a Mac!!!!!

    (Even refurbished they are more than I like to spend.)

    As a new parent I am stuck with my PC for awhile…I’m sure someday my son will forgive my Microsoft transgression. When he is old enough, perhaps he can have my old mac, once I get one. There is still time for me, but for now, HP and Vista are my burdon.


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