Caught my attention

“If we had a 7 o’clock meeting with the Cowboys, you couldn’t walk in at 7,” he continued. “If you did, Jimmy would ask why you were late. … He’d say you can’t just walk in and be ready to go. You have to be early to get in the right frame of mind.”

He paused for emphasis.

“If I did it for Jimmy Johnson and for football,” Mr. Veingrad concluded, “how can I show up unprepared to meet God in prayer?”


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2 Responses to Caught my attention

  1. blurdo says:

    If you are a believer, how can you ever be unprepared for prayer??

  2. MToots says:

    It’s a blessing to know that God is eagerly awaiting our “meeting” every day. Fortunately, unlike mortals such as JJ, God is patient and would never ask me why I am late! He simply says to me “Glad to spend time w/ you this a.m. Let’s look ahead at your day and prepare you to show my love to others.:”

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