Billy Graham’s Grandchildren Build A Thank You Website

To many, Billy and Ruth Graham are icons, world-famous symbols of integrity, humility and God’s faithfulness. But to their 19 extremely blessed grandchildren, they are simply known as Daddy Bill and TaiTai.

As grandchildren, we have had the rare opportunity to know them as grandparents. Our memories of them are more about picking blackberries in their front yard than about giant crusades and television cameras.

But as each of us has gotten older, we’ve realized more and more the calling God placed on their lives. We’ve recognized the many sacrifices that were required from both of them. And most importantly, we’ve been able to understand first-hand the genuine love and compassion they feel towards every person they meet, from waitresses and cashiers, to athletes and Presidents. So we wanted to hear from them – those people whose lives were touched.

So some of the grandchildren have gotten together to help create this site, and our prayer is that will bring honor to God by showing just what is possible when we, like Daddy Bill and TaiTai, are faithful to the call God places on our lives – however big or small that call may seem.


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