All the buzz this morning is how bad Britney’s performance was at the VMA’s

Judge for yourself.

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2 Responses to All the buzz this morning is how bad Britney’s performance was at the VMA’s

  1. haymoose says:

    The entire event was an embarrassment. More than half the “performers” did not even sing, and it was painfully obvious they did not even try to hide the fact they were faking it! Could you imaging going to pay real money to watch these no-talent boobs flail about the stage? To whom to we owe this state of music; Jessica Simpson, Britney, N-Sync, J-Lo, etc.? OR the people that buy this music? How could anyone watch last night’s show and wonder why the music industry has been on a slow decline in sales for he passed several years? Is it REALLY the internet and piracy?

    I remember being so excited when I saw MTV’s first broadcast back in the day (I do not mean to date myself.) Man, the music videos were awesome (at the time ha-ha!) and commercial free! Last night was what one would expect from a network no longer based in music, but the indoctrination of a culture of youth.

    I was embarrassed to watch, Britney should never have shown up, she did not even try to lip-sync to her own song! She cannot sing and never could…I was waiting for someone (Sarah Silverman perhaps) to come out and say “Ignore the man behind the curtain!” It is sad but true; music is nothing but “wallpaper” nowadays.

    Anyone with any real talent doesn’t get any air time. Besides, the music “machine” only wants to play the same bad song every 8-12 minutes on commercial radio, and then IF you buy the CD the only song worth listening to is the one being over played across the air waves (Madonna.)

    This fact is why iTunes has revolutionized the music industry. A percentage of the sales of these bad one-hit-wonders should go toward rehab treatment for all these no-talent “performers” (I call them that because they are not artists anymore) who will wake up one day to realize they are untalented and shoot their fortunes in to their arms to escape the undeniable truth. At least Jessica can sing live when she tries, but that does not make her talented. Anyone can sing a song written by someone else. I guess that makes it easy to act out the performance, huh?

    The list of artists proud to sing their songs due to the hard work involved in the creation is unlimited; too bad none of them were invited to the VMAs. Maybe they were but politely declined due the fact Britney was allegedly going to perform. She was so bad, it is no wonder everyone’s lawyers are busy having the “performance” removed from the internet today!

  2. Dan says:

    Maybe she should have practiced it once before going on stage?

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