Abortion Across The Pond

What WE think of abortion – by the women who had them…

On the 40th anniversary of the Abortion Act, the debate as to how late a woman can leave it before she terminates her pregnancy has been reignited.

Yesterday in the Mail, Amanda Platell argued that the current 24-week limit should be cut.

But what do women who have had abortions think? Here, seven of them give their views . . .

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The testimonies are very interesting.

I’m tempted to turn comments off, considering everything that was posted on that Kathy Griffin post I made yesterday.

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3 Responses to Abortion Across The Pond

  1. bethl says:

    Wouldnt turning off the comments be some form of censorship???…..

  2. bethl says:

    It is murder no matter how far along you are. Brutal but true.

  3. Nathan S. says:

    Keith! Spicy Comments = Better Blog = More Readers!
    I disagreed with the large majority of comments on the Kathy Griffin post, but still makes for a more interesting read.

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